GMO and Fitness

Why are GMO foods bad for us? What is the difference between organic food and GMO? In this article I will discuss this and my personal opinion as well. GMO means genetically modified organism, this is when the scientist that work for the big farms splice frog DNA with celery DNA to make a crop […]

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Mind Body Spirit Fitness

How do we integrate mind, body, and spirit together within fitness? There really is no simple way. It is a lifestyle, by combing various exercises and activities this can be achieved! Mind and body is simple, find physical activities that require you to be attentive, whether it is martial arts, yoga, sports, games, etc… There […]

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Flow State

Flow state, it is one of the most interesting topics that is being discussed and studied today. I have watched numerous videos and read several books by Steven Kotler which I highly recommend, “I put the link to my favorite one at the bottom of this blog.”  Flow is basically when you do something that […]

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