GMO and Fitness

Why are GMO foods bad for us? What is the difference between organic food and GMO? In this article I will discuss this and my personal opinion as well.

GMO means genetically modified organism, this is when the scientist that work for the big farms splice frog DNA with celery DNA to make a crop that is more resistant to insects. “This isn’t a real example” Which in turn makes a crop last longer and keeps insects away, however they have no idea what this will do to our health. Sometimes mixing genes can cause cancer to the people that eat these GMO foods. There is still a lot that is unknown due to the lack of long term studies.

On top of the food being genetically modified these big farms use a lot of pesticides and re use the soil so many times that there is hardly any nutrients left in the plants that grow. So GMO foods, may have pesticides, have side effects, and are low nutrient dense. They probably don’t have the vitamin and mineral content that the nutrition websites advertise.

GMO isn’t all bad, it all comes down to intention. We could GMO foods to have more vitamins and minerals, we could GMO foods to be better for us. However that isn’t big farms intentions, they are just trying to make more money. So the foods all end up having side effects and being lower quality. If their intentions were pure the GMO foods could potentially be good for us.

The bottom line is that GMO food is not good for you, it won’t kill you immediately, but over time and can cause health problems. It is always better to eat from small local farms that use nutrient rich soil, less pesticides, and non GMO seeds. If you are looking for peak performance you will want to get the best quality food out there, If you put diesel in a Ferrari what happens? Exactly, the higher performance that you demand from your body, the better the fuel mix that you will require. This is why sometimes healthy people can become more sensitive. High performance = high maintenance. So if you want to make the most out of you body, choose the highest quality foods and supplements!


MRM is a great non-GMO whey and vegetable protein source:

MRM – Veggie Elite Performance Protein, 24 Grams of Plant-Based Protein, Soy-Free, Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly, Non-GMO Project Verified (Chocolate Mocha, 2.45 lbs)

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