Mind Body Spirit Fitness

How do we integrate mind, body, and spirit together within fitness? There really is no simple way. It is a lifestyle, by combing various exercises and activities this can be achieved! Mind and body is simple, find physical activities that require you to be attentive, whether it is martial arts, yoga, sports, games, etc… There is a myriad of activities that require both your mind and body to be in sync.

The spiritual part can get confusing, however Yoga, Qigong, Thai Chi, Kung Fu, and other similar activities can accomplish all three! You can even get creative and go on a hike out in nature, you can recharge your spirit by being one with the earth. Although there is many activities that have been around for eons, you can always form your own unique way of attaining all three!

When we have the mind, spirit, and body connection occurring on a regular basis in our lives, we transform. In my opinion this is where we can achieve bliss. Detachment is caused from a lack of any of these 3 aspects. When we are detached, we feel empty, dark, depressed. We may look to fill this void with unhealthy and addicted activities that are fleeting but in the end leave us more lost and empty!

The connection we get from the three is super important, and it comes from being connected with ourselves and the earth. There is even scientific evidence that proves how powerful this connection can be! Check out this article;


This will further explain the benefits of connecting with the earth!






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