Detaching from the system

Your very first mission as part of a Primal Spirit member is to detach from your day to day craze in the city within the system. In order to connect with your body we need to have minimal distractions preferably in nature so that we can get into the root of our being. Discover all of the physical activities that you used to enjoy, before you became to busy to do them. Get back to that young spirited individual where there were no limits and you could run and play all day. This is the start to connecting with your body. You must first break away from all of the things that are keeping you from connecting with your self.

Once you have broken the cycle that has kept you from your physical goals you can begin to build good habits in nutrition, exercise, and mindset. However if you do not identify and break away form the distractions you will never be fully able to commit to a life style change. What is more important, that you work hard, make money, and are a productive individual working for others, or that you feel amazing, look great, and are living your passion with joy?

Take action today begin to think and possibly write down all the reasons that keep you from attaining your goals and how you can minimize or eliminate them from your life!

2 thoughts on “Detaching from the system

  1. Here’s your first review!

    “Brian Stirling is an amazing couch and mentor. He has helped me to continue to push and acomplish my goals and aspirations in life and he has also helped with my chronic back pain. I am very thankful that our paths have crossed! I recommend Brian’s coaching to anyone.


  2. There are a few things in my life that I’ve notice effect the way I feel and my ability to reach my goals. Of corse the number one reason is myself. I also notice that when I spend a lot of my time around people who aren’t doing much at all with their lives I start to get really unmotivated. Likewise when I spend time with people who are working to better themselves I seem to find the motivation more easily.
    It’s easier for me to think of the things that DO motivate me, rather than the things that don’t motivate me.
    I suppose another thing that holds me back is fear.
    I’m continuously reminding myself to TRUST!


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