ARPwave Neuro Therapy

Recently I got a new job with ARPwave, My first ever 9 to 5! I have always worked nights, had multiple jobs and have been an entrepreneur so the whole 9 to 5 is new to me. However, this is one of the most amazing opportunities that I’ve encountered so I’m excited to be a part of it!

Neuro Therapy is a type of therapy that is similar physical therapy in that it treats pain, injuries, post surgery, neuropathy and other ailments. The main difference is that it works with the neurons in the body rather than the anatomy and physiology. This type of treatment uses a powerful direct current combined with a secondary current that is harmonious with the human body’s own electrical current that travels within the nerves from the brain to the muscles. With this current the patients are reprogrammed to move without compensation patterns, eliminate pain, accelerate the healing process, and train the muscles to properly absorb force.

This process involves searching a patient to find what specific parts of their body are neurologically reactive to the current in relativity to their injury. The spots are usually not found where the pain source is. Once these hot spots are found, electrodes are placed over them and an exercise is preformed that involves the muscles and joints that have been injured or damaged. The therapist will then instruct them to do the exercises with the maximum level of current that is tolerated, this is the fun part! From here the patient progresses through a series of treatments until they no longer have pain, movement compensations, and their muscles are trained to absorb force more efficiently so that force gets absorbed by their muscles rather than the bones, ligaments and tendons. This allows them to be less likely to become injured in the future and keeps them out of pain.

So far we have seen a 90% success rate and some patients report that they have recovered up to three times faster than physical therapy. We have also witnessed patients with neurological disorders drastically improving their symptoms, when previously they were unable to achieve such improvements like this from any other modality.

This machine is amazing!! Not only can it be used for rehabilitating injuries, it can stimulate neuron connects to reform and strengthen, it can be used cosmetically, you can even use it to exercise with and increase physical performance to peak levels. Currently about 25% of the NFL players uses this machine, and usually the teams that use it the most get into the super bowl!!

This company has started in Minneapolis and phoenix, it has been around for 15 years but it was cash only and mostly used by professional athletes, it recently has been approved to be covered by insurance, so now the company is in a super growth phase and aims to be available in every major city in the near future.

If you have an interest in finding a location to be treated or have any questions feel free to email me at, you can even buy a personal unit to keep in your home to use on your friends and family!

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