How to pick the best coach or personal trainer for you!

Everyone is different, everyone has different backgrounds, hobbies, learning styles, genetics, and personalities. When coaching, it is important to recognize this, and mold to each and every individual’s needs and style. If I tried the same style of coaching, workouts, and nutrition plan for everyone, they would all get different results. Most people probably wouldn’t be very satisfied or get the type of results that they were looking for. The truth is there is no ultimate training regimen, coaching program or diet, the truth is that everyone is unique and different, and each person has a specific regimen and nutrition plan that will be perfect for them. It is the coaches or trainers job to work with the individual to help them find out what their personal perfect plan is! The best coaches are the ones that can create the perfect plan for each person they coach.

For example an older busy individual may require a quick and straight to the point style of coaching. Their workouts must be quick and efficient, however at the same time they must be carefully selected as to not cause pain to the back and knees which have been an ongoing issue in their lives. They also don’t have time to meal prep or cook, so nutrition must be coached in a way that involves eating out in a healthy economical fashion. This exact same plan would not work for a younger individual. Who has never worked out before, requires a slow paced style of training, loves to cook and can take the time to do so,  has zero injuries, prefers a coaching style that involves games, jokes, and entertainment.

So you can see just from these two examples how much of a difference people require to get the most out of their coaching. Of course you can go for a niche and stick with one style. But even within your niche people will vary and in turn, the program will need to be tweaked just for them.

So be wary of coaches who are stuck in their ways, or have a “my way or the high way” , or “this is the best “type of attitude. Their is no best style or perfect diet, sorry to bust your bubble. Be wary of fad diets, “The Ultimate Workout” type of training programs, in my opinion these types of things are limited and not effective. You want to find some one who will coach specifically for you and your needs, someone who will take the time with you to discover your ultimate training program.




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