Hello, my name is Brian Charles Stirling which is also my face book name, making me very easy to find! Add me if you feel called to do so! I have been in health and fitness as a trainer and health/ wellness coach for 8 years now. I have a degree in kinesiology and my Certified Person Trainer certificate from NASM. I specialize in weight loss/ toning, and injury maintenance. I also help people find out what activities brings the most joy, and ultimately gets them into flow state.

My philosophy is simple. In all the years I have coached and trained I have found the number one reason that we cannot control our bodies and change the way we look to our will, is simply that we have lost our mind/body connection. My aim is to help many people rebuild their roots to their body, to get in touch with their primal self. Only then will they gain full control over their body, diet, looks, and more…

I have a strong belief that our mind and belief in spirit or god will help us to attain our goals and purpose. The recepie is 70% mental, 20% what we eat and put into our bodies, “not just our mouths”, and only 10% physical activity!

We must go back to the basis of our primalĀ  selves to gain a deep connection with our body.

I now have a course on Udemy that can be yours for 19.99! The link is https://www.udemy.com/creating-your-path-to-health/?couponCode=LAUNCH67

For more information call 858 848 4185 or email collectivetechnique@gmail.com