Fitness doesn’t have to be in the gym!

One of the biggest misconceptions that I hear from clients and other trainers that I meet is that; they believe that they have to workout in the gym to get good results. That is simply not true!! We can get great results from a whole bunch of different activities. I actually encourage my clients not to exercise in gyms if they don’t like gyms. They can exercise from home, outside, at parks, sports, dancing, martial arts, etc…

The hardest part about getting back into shape is finding the motivation to even get to the gym or place of exercise. If you don’t like the gym, this becomes 10 times harder! So if getting to the place of exercise is the biggest challenge, do something that you actually enjoy! This will make the hardest part soo much easier! Motivation will come with much more ease if the exercise activity is something that will bring you some type of joy or satisfaction.

So my challenge for you is to think about what you enjoyed to do as a young teenager or kid. Figure out how and where you can incorporate this into your life, and then do it! You will be much more likely to go and stick it out if it brings you joy. Now that being said, once you get in the habit of doing your activity several times a week. It’s a good idea to supplement it with additional exercises from, home, a park, or the gym. This is just so that your exercise regimen is well rounded, and allows you to not have any muscle imbalances. You could even incorporate these additional exercises as a warm-up before your activity, or do them afterwards. If you don’t know what additional exercise would benefit your activity to make you well rounded, then your in luck! Because, that’s what I’m here for, feel free to reach out in the contact section!


One of my favorite ways to do cardio is flow arts, there are many props, one of the best ones to start with is poi, here’s a link to a good set! If you get a set I can even teach you a few tricks!

Pro PAPAYA Wick Large Fire Poi – Professional Kevlar Fire Poi Set + Travel Bag!

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