Become your best self

We all have many sides, dark sides, funny sides, mean sides, etc… however we all have our best side! This is the side that makes the best decisions, is motivated, confident, peaceful, in a constant state of bliss. If we find a way to stay in this version of ourselves for most of the time, there is no place we can’t go or thing that we can’t accomplish.

One of the major things that prevents this is idolization, there is a song called “Kill your heroes and fly” that about sums it up. We will never become our best selves by looking up to and following other people. We have to idolize ourselves first and then of course have mentors and teachers along the way. Once we do this then moving forward becomes much simpler.

With all of the fitness fads, diets, coaches, and gurus it is easy to become lost, distracted and confused… Now more than ever!!! Which brings me back to the point that if we become our best teacher and idol we will create the perfect diet for ourselves, letting our inner bio hacking scientist discover that perfect diet that fits our unique biologic make up better than anyone else could have ever engineered. And through the guidance of pain and practice and scientific aid with a touch of intuition we will discover the prefect exercise plan that matches our body impeccably.

I’m not saying to not follow gurus and coaches, all I am saying is take it all in with a grain of salt, learn and discover as much as you can in all areas of interest, and then through evaluation through inner intuition and external trial and error, you will find and create the best path towards your best self!

It was said that Buddha said “I am supreme” when he was born, what I believe he meant was I am supreme and so are you, so that all of us recognize our supremacy.

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