Boosting Testosterone

Lately I have been feeling that lack of zest that I normally have. I have a hunch that I have low T. I don’t have a test kit, but I will be looking for one to see if my new protocol will actually boost it! I spent one afternoon researching the best supplements and activities to boost testosterone naturally and this is what I found:

Top 4 Supplements for boosting Testosterone:

Zinc- Boost immune system, helps to regulate hormones and insulin, also helps to strengthens the cells in the cardiovascular system.

Boron- Helps magnesium and other minerals absorb, helps to boost vitamin D production, strengthens bone, has a slight no tropic effect on the brain. Shown in studies to boost Testosterone by 14% after 7 day!!!

Maca- Helps Regulates hormones, High in antioxidants, can help boost libido!

Magnesium- Calms and relaxes the muscles, is an essential electrolyte, can increase energy, helps with sleep

Combining all 4 of these supplements would give you the best chances of boosting testosterone. On top of supplementing make sure to get some healthy cholesterol in your diet, cholesterol turn into testosterone, eggs, butter, and meats are the best source, flax and olive oil if you are vegan. Make sure to avoid sweet drinks like soda, this has been shown in studies to decrease T by over 25% for 2 hours! Vitamin B6, cholesterol and magnesium work together to build testosterone!

Outside of the nutrition realm, make sure to lift heavy weights as this will trigger the body to produce testosterone, also do things and think thoughts that make you feel confident and powerful. In studies simply standing in a powerful pose and imagining yourself as a king or some other powerful position can boost this hormone by up 25% for an hour or so.

If you can practice all of the above protocols you will be well on your way to boosting your bodies natural testosterone levels!!


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