How to choose Yoga Matt thickness

How Thick Should A Yoga Mat Be? – Choosing The Right One 

There are many yoga mats out there to choose from. You must be knowledgeable enough about how thick should a yoga mat beand understand the differences to help you choose the mat that suits your needs. If you want to invest in your yoga mat, but you have no idea with regards to its thickness, then here are the guidelines you need to know to make yoga even more fun.  

Thickness of Yoga Mats: Why is It Important?

So that you know, the thickness of a yoga mat has something to do about the comfort it gives you. If your yoga mat is too thin, then probably your knees may get injuries while performing the crescent lunge. The thing is, a thick yoga mat will not make you feel a strong link to the floor. It prevents injuries from happening, and it helps you execute any positions without any feeling of discomfort.  

Thickness Options of Yoga Mats

Yoga mats usually range from a super-thin type that you can roll up tightly when not in use. Sometimes, the one that is right for you varies on the kind of yoga that you plan to exercise. Your health and comfort tolerance with the balancing of postures are some of the factors to consider. To know more about how thick should a yoga mat be, here are the different options with regards to the thickness of yoga mats. 1. 1/16 Inch Thick

This yoga mat is the thinnest or the skinniest size of a yoga mat. This is ideal for practice on the go and bringing of yoga mats along all the time. You will feel more connected to the floor every time you use this yoga mat.2. 1/8 Inch Thick 

If you do not know yet where to start, the standard yoga mat thickness is normally 1/8 inch thick. This is the lighter and thinner version of the yoga mat designed for travel. Because of its portability, this standard-size yoga mat is easy to carry or bring anywhere. A lot of manufacturers sell yoga mats that are lightweight with bags and slings to carry more comfortable and easy to store. 3. 1/4 Thick Yoga Mat 

This ¼ thick yoga mat is the size of thicker mats that give extra comfort for more soothing and therapeutic performance. While thicker mats provide calm on your forearm and when you do kneeling poses, it can be harder to balance while you do standing poses. Thicker mats are best for are usually ideal for restorative yoga classes, wherein you will have more lying down and sitting positions. Your back and head will appreciate the comfort. 

Some Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Thickness of Yoga Mats

There are few things to consider when choosing the right thickness of a yoga mat. You can’t always choose a yoga mat that you only like and feel. It is important to understand and consider these factors: • Yoga Mat’s Weight

A thicker yoga mat is heavier compared to thinner or standard yoga mats. It’s easier to carry or bring with you the yoga mat that comes with a lighter weight than thick yoga mats. You should consider this if you are traveling from one place to another. If not, you may also opt for heavier yoga mats that are more comfortable to use than the thin ones. 

But remember, carrying thick yoga mats entails a lot of effort because it’s not only thick, but it’s also heavy. Choose your yoga mat’s size wisely and know which one is best for your everyday routine. • Tolerance of Your Body

Yoga mat’s thickness contributes to the comfort of your body when you do yoga. There are a lot of yoga poses that require the body and bones to get closer to the floor or ground. Sometimes, it requires maintaining the pose for a couple of seconds or minutes. If you have joint problems, then it would be harder for you to execute. But with thicker yoga mats, these joint problems would less likely to happen. 

Thick yoga mats give better support and more ease to the joints, elbows, knees, hips, and back. That’s why it is important to consider your body’s tolerance before deciding how thick should a yoga mat can be for you. • Style and Level of Yoga 

You should also consider the kind of yoga performance you will have to know how thick should a yoga mat be. The yoga mats vary on your yoga style, or on to what level you can do. Thicker yoga mats can provide comfort and are sturdier during classes that require more sitting and lying down. 

On the other hand, skinnier yoga mats are preferred for performances that require balancing or standing most of the time. However, a yoga mat with standard thickness is ideal for any yoga style. 


How thick should a yoga mat be? The thickness of your yoga mat is essential as it will define your comfort while exercising. With the two options of the yoga mat’s thickness, it would be easier for you to pick the right thickness of your yoga though there are still a lot of things to contemplate. The safest option would be the standard yoga mat with 1/8 thickness, compared to the thicker or thinner yoga mat. 

Standard yoga mats are ideal, especially for beginners who are trying to learn. However, choosing the other two thicknesses may also be considered if you checked some of the factors. In the end, what matters is a yoga mat that assists in performing challenging exercises. In any position or style of yoga that you are learning, it is essential to do it with a relaxed mind and body.

Hopefully, with all the information mentioned above, you now have the idea of how thick should a yoga mat be before investing in it. Never forget to look through our personal preferences and needs, because these are essential for decision making.

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