Bio hack your hormones to release more HGH naturally than if you had taken steroids.

Many celebrities and older wealthier people have been taking human growth hormone for years. It is known as the fountain of youth hormone.  HGH can burn fat, build lean muscle, restores the skin and other tissues, can improve memory and mental sharpness, help organs regenerate and more… As you can see this is an amazing hormone that is much sought after.

Surprisingly HGH can be produced on its own naturally in similar levels that injections would be delivered. This is better for you and the glands, injections can make the hormones shrivel up from lack of use, and in serious cases shut down completely! So it is ideal to produce it naturally to avoid this.

To cause HGH to secrete naturally you want to do three things:

IF fasting – Fasting in intervals has been shown in studies to boost HGH by 700 – 1300% it usually hits these levels around 15 or 16 hours, so that’s how long you should fast for. (fast from 8PM to 1PM the next day ”you can eat between 1 and 8”)

HIIT Sprints – 30 seconds sprints at max intensity ( the H.R. must go over 85% of max for them to work) followed by 90 seconds of recovery. You can do these on a track, in a pull, jogging up a mountain, or do burpees, squat jumps, running mans, etc… from home. As long as you follow 30 on and 90 off and the H.R. is above 85% then it does the trick This has been shown to boost HGH for a couple hours after the workout by 400 to 700%. The trick here is to do this HIIT workout on your 15th hour of fasting to stack the boost!

Supplement – This is another stack to do before the workout, take 0.5 to 1.5 “double dosage for GABA” grams of GABA or phenibut 1 hours before the sprint workout. Both these supplements have been shown to boost HGH by 200 to 400% during workouts or sleeping. Then remember to not eat for about 1 to 2 hours additionally after the workout. The spike in insulin will ruin the HGH production so wait a bit to eat, then finally you can break the fast. I would do this anywhere from 1 to 3 times a week with at least a day in between.

So there you have it, do this triple stack to get amazing boost in your growth hormones!! This is all natural and will help you feel good, look good, and get in amazing shape!



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