The healing power of nature

Nature has a unique power to heal us all. The energy that many refer to as chi, prana, or life force energy is essentially the earth’s energy.  The best way to recharge your life force is to spend time out in nature. The city is very industrial it can quickly drain us of all of our energy and leave us feeling fatigued and empty. To feel energized and full of spirit take a day trip out to the Forrest, river, beach, or desert.

Remember that problems such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, a general feeling of void, and weakness can be easily resolved by taking the time to go out into nature and breathing in the fresh air and taking in the amazing views.

Taking synthetic prescription medications for these simple problems will just worsen them in the long run. This is the root cause, those are just treating symptoms.

We get caught up in this technology craze movement and loose sight of what we are and where we come from. It’s important that we remember our roots and keep in touch with our primal spirit side and keep a strong spirit. Once we loose touch feelings of being lost and alone, cold, depressed will surely take over. Respect the earth and spend time on the land, watch the nature and just be in that moment!

I just wanted to write this quick blog as a reminder to stop and smell the roses, see the beauty of the earth and let it take you away just for a moment. The more people who respect and enjoy nature will insure that our children will have the chance to as well in the future…

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