Bio Hacking

Bio Hacking is a new term that has sparked a lot of curiosity in the resent years. Basically the term means that much like computers our biology can be hacked just like a computer program to get desired results and to find short cuts. A couple every day examples of this would be would be caffeine or nicotine. Chocolate is also a well known one. Another big one in the fitness world is Intermittent Fasting to burn fat while boosting HGH levels naturally,  or using an infrared sauna to speed up healing, boost HGH, and sweat out toxins.

The more you learn about Bio Hacking, the more you learn about your body and how to get the results you desire with minimum time and effort. It’s actually pretty cool and useful to learn more about it.

Nootropics are one of my favorite parts of Bio Hacking, these are supplements, herbs, and foods that boost memory, improve cognitive function, and allow you to become laser focused for a long period of time.

A less well known one is Centrophenoxine. This is an interesting one, it detoxifies your brain by reducing a free radical found in the brain called lipofuscin, which helps to clear mental fog. It also help the schwann cells regrow which allows neuron to neuron connection to strengthen. This will help your memory a lot. However research has found that it works best for people who have damaged cells due to injury or substance abuse. So if you have a perfectly healthy brain, it won’t do much for you…

There is some research in this article if you’d like to see studies 

Grounding is also a Bio Hack, this involves walking barefoot on the earth, in the ocean or in shallow rivers. This allows the ions to balance out in your body by grounding into the earth, If we build up too many positive or negative ions, it can lead to sickness or fatigue, this allows that balance to be restored. Meanwhile, since your outside grounding, your usually in the sun! Vitamin D is one of the most powerful vitamins known to mankind and it is sometimes considered a secosteroid hormone! Grounding will decrease stress, improve well being, reduce fatigue, and will ultimately help you find your zen.

There is much much more to the world of Bio Hacking, these are just a few tips to get you started, I would highly recommend doing some more research, some good authors in this area are Tim Ferris, Dave Asprey, and Steve Kotler.




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